Orthotics for children

The creation of custom prescription foot orthotics is a science, art and service.  Many are focused on the end product but the most important part of obtaining properly functioning foot orthotics for children is to obtain them from the expert in childrens' foot problems: 

Soccer season

It is soccer season!   Soccer presents several challenges with respect to foot and ankle injuries.

Soccer shoes are among the least supportive shoes and provide little heel support.  There is an open growth plate at the back of the heel in youth which disappears between age 14 and 15 resulting in an adult heel bone.  The Achilles tendon attaches to the growth plate which is an additional source of strain to the heel growth plate. A growth plate that has a tendon attached is known as an "apophysis."  When the growth plate of the heel is inflamed, it is called "calcaneal apophysitis or Sever's disease.   Which soccer shoe has the most heel protection?  We recommend the ASICS Lethal Testimonial 3 when additional heel protection is needed.